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If you assume something, you think or believe something without having enough information to know that it's true. Oh, hello. I assume you're the new student, are you? If I saw a man dressed all in black, holding a gun, and walking toward me, I would assume that the man is really a dangerous guy and I would run away from him. I saw your car in the garage, so I assumed you were at home.


take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof I assume his train was late (= adopt, take on, take) take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect His voice took on a sad tone The story took a new turn he adopted an air of superiority She assumed strange manners The gods assume human or animal form in these fables (= take on) take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities When will the new President assume office? (= bear, accept) take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person I'll accept the charges She agreed to bear the responsibility (= take, strike, take up) occupy or take on He assumes the lotus position She took her seat on the stage We took our seats in the orchestra She took up her position behind the tree strike a pose (= usurp, seize) seize and take control without authority and possibly with force; take as one's right or possession He assumed to himself the right to fill all positions in the town he usurped my rights She seized control of the throne after her husband died take up someone's soul into heaven This is the day when May was assumed into heaven (= feign) make a pretence of She assumed indifference, even though she was seething with anger he feigned sleep (= wear, put on, get into, don) put clothing on one's body What should I wear today? He put on his best suit for the wedding The princess donned a long blue dress The queen assumed the stately robes He got into his jeans

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Simple sentences

I assume that Tom doesn't know how to swim.
It's presumptuous for humans to assume that our task is to do what only God can do.
The question began to assume a new character.
The problem began to assume an international character.
Today cars are so popular that we assume everyone has one.
I assume you're willing to take the risk.
Note that this theorem does not assume the existence of such an object.
In most cases, people, even the most vicious, are much more naive and simple-minded than we assume them to be. And this is true of ourselves too.
I assume you're angry.
Are you prepared to assume responsibility?
I must assume that people who resort to weapons other than the intellect to defend themselves cannot possess a very sharp intellect.
I have reason to assume that it's not true.
We assume that he is honest.
Many astronomers assume that the universe expands infinitely.
Many astronomers assume that the universe continues to expand forever.
I assume so.
I assume it was Tom's idea.
I assume that's a joke.
I assume the two of you know each other.
I assume Tom will be the same as he was the last time we saw him.
I assume you are talking about Tom.

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We tend to assume that our civilization, the one that's dominated the world for so long, will last for ever.
We tend to assume that it was Western technology that trumped the East. in particular, the technology that went on to produce the industrial Revolution.
I would assume it's Russian because it's cyrillic letters.
And can we assume it was for this woman?
Alright, what can we assume?
Why would you assume that?
I assume you mean people of about age eight or younger?
Okay, why must we assume that everybody who does Soul Wheel is a whacko?
We got to assume that the Pavlovich brothers already know the route.
You should not assume that. She is a decent girl.
I assume you burned all our correspondence.
A-Assume a cheerfulness you may not feel.
And you will have to assume the full responsibility.
I can assume, then, that you will never again jeopardize my honor.
In that case, we'll have to assume it's an autonomous space station.
Hmm. I must assume you're aware of the purpose of this call?
You had no right to assume responsibility for the arrest of a man who is worth an entire Russian division.
I assume you can prove that if necessary.
I should do so gladly, could I assume the risk.
So, I assume I will get a reward for bringing the bus back, right?
I would have you, if you will, assume with me into to The greatest eternally lovely qualities of charity.
I assume this imposing epithet houses the brightest star In my armament of Earthly companions.
We assume it should hang straight down, but because the ship is rolling it swings to and fro.
This is Colonel Campbell, who leaves tomorrow to assume command of the Chukoti garrison.
I mean, one can assume.
So I'm gonna assume that it's healthy.
We got to assume the Pavlovich brothers - already know the route.
You assume too much!
All the information confirm our assumption that the enemy will assume the offensive this morning.
If I could beg you to put a good face upon the matter. A-Assume a cheerfulness you may not feel.
I assume I shall have the privilege of having her pose for me.
Because I assume your flesh, must I assume your weakness, too?
Your brothers-in-law and I have decided to assume your liabilities.
I assume my letter reached him late.
I assume this is what the factory workers wear at their dances?
Alright. I'll assume Aoyama's debt.
Since you're old friends, I assume you also know he's head of the police here.

News and current affairs

Free-market thinking evolved from Anglo-Saxon theorists (many from Scotland), who migrated and colonized territories, allowing fortunate individuals to assume that there were no limits to consumption.
And Greenspan eschews paternalism: he would not assume the role of a regulator telling people that they cannot buy a house even though a lender is willing to finance it.
But to say that, one must also assume that to some extent he himself is unbalanced and has shifted from a kind of guerilla warfare against the West, always with some possibility of retreat, to all-out combat.
One would assume that Obama would prove even more unsettling to bin Laden.
Mexico has to assume responsibility for regulating this traffic, which means more than sealing off its southern border.
Indeed, NGOs often assume tasks for which the current structure of the UN is unsuited or remains far too weak.
Most scientists assume that the basics of science are known.
They assume that many scientific conventions are accidents of history and new abstractions can be devised.
On the contrary, it would be a grave mistake to assume that fanatical Islamism fully defines Saudi attitudes toward religion.
I hope to see Korea assume more responsibility in the world, commensurate with its growing economic clout - especially in the area of development, one of the three pillars of the UN Charter.
No one in his right mind can assume that something never achieved before, namely destroying a small number of warheads in flight, will happen over night.
Third, government could assume part of a mortgage, taking advantage of its lower borrowing costs.
Simply put, Keynesian stimulus does not necessarily entail more government debt, as popular discourse seems continually to assume.
Not only can and must fathers assume a greater role in child rearing; a large part of homemaking is perfectly suitable to be met by the market.
If the world is going to shift in the direction of a new and more globally democratic system, other nations will need to meaningfully step forward to assume new responsibilities.
Equally problematic, the MDGs implicitly assume that we know how to achieve development targets, and that only resources and political will are missing.
Perhaps just as important is that sons typically live with their parents even after they are married, and assume responsibility for parents in their old age.
And we can assume that it would be repealed and replaced by something else come January 2013, either by a re-elected President Barack Obama, or by a new, Republican president.
It would be dangerous to assume that after Tunisia, democracy in the Arab world is just around the corner.
That would help to show the world that the coal industry truly understands the scientific implications of current energy-use patterns, and that it is willing to assume more responsibility for combating climate change.
We need not assume that these goals cannot be pursued simultaneously.
On the other hand, the missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, and the prospect of NATO accession for Georgia and Ukraine, assume confrontation where this was not at all necessary.
But, in order to displace the US and assume the mantle of leadership in Asia, China must do more than pursue its own interests or contain potential rivals.
It is, after all, unrealistic to assume that all members can profit to the same extent from this hard-line approach; that is not achievable even among the 16 federal German states.
It is therefore safe to assume that not only obscure academics and correspondents, but officials in Beijing as well, are now busy studying the history of the Ghulja uprising and of Osman Batur's guerillas.
The key issue is leaders' attitude when they assume office.
It is equally clear that Asian states are not yet ready to assume the more meaningful leadership in global affairs that will be necessary to ensure that this tectonic shift can make the world more stable and secure than it has been.

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