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An assumption is a guess or belief about something without having enough information to know if it is true. In maths or science: something assumed to be true in order to build an argument or calculation. You shouldn't make the assumption that guns are only a problem in big cities. To calculate the age of a rock we make the assumption that the rate of radioactive decay is constant.


a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn on the assumption that he has been injured we can infer that he will not to play a hypothesis that is taken for granted any society is built upon certain assumptions the act of taking possession of or power over something his assumption of office coincided with the trouble in Cuba the Nazi assumption of power in 1934 he acquired all the company's assets for ten million dollars and the assumption of the company's debts the act of assuming or taking for granted your assumption that I would agree was unwarranted (= presumptuousness) audacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to he despised them for their presumptuousness


(Christianity) the taking up of the body and soul of the Virgin Mary when her earthly life had ended celebration in the Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary's being taken up into heaven when her earthly life ended; corresponds to the Dormition in the Eastern Orthodox Church

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Assumption of Mary August 15 Dormition

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Simple sentences

What do you base this assumption on?
Basic to the argument is the assumption that the rules in question are present in the language.
What he said bears out my assumption.
The facts don't correspond with your assumption.
The invasion of Anglicisms had not yet started in 1945, a common assumption to the contrary.
How much confidence exists that this assumption is correct?
That assumption is wrong.

Movie subtitles

The day of Assumption.
I take it you were acting on the assumption the raiders left for the south draw.
It is a pleasant assumption.
What other assumption is possible?
You're taking a great deal for granted, Baron. Proceeding on the assumption that I would take your case.
Proceeding on the assumption that it has, I'm having an antitoxin prepared so that we can see.
An entirely logical and reasonable assumption, I'm afraid.
Do you know that he selects his books on the assumption that people not only can read but actually can think.
If you insist he's there, then I must act on the assumption that he's there.
It was a stupid assumption.
That calls for an assumption on the part of the witness.
The prosecution has based its assumption that the defendant was in the study at a crucial time, not because he was seen or heard but because of this witness's ability to identify various liquors by their aroma.
Then we'll proceed on the assumption that it's Bismarck.
I suggest you proceed on the worst possible assumption that it's Bismarck and she's trying to breaking out.
Well, that would be my assumption. It adds up.
Well, then we can proceed on the assumption that somewhere, somehow our staff was in error.
That he would or would not have used a.25 caliber is merely an assumption on your part.
Still, I have to start with the assumption there's some connection between her and the family.
You are working on the assumption that she's French, then?
An assumption that one associates with minds oftheir calibre. and which is, in itself, gentlemen, a lie.
Now, as to your own story let us start with the assumption that Megaera in some form or another has indeed returned.
That's an assumption, Baron.
I think that's a fair assumption. Yes, that's a fair assump. tion.
Peter have seen neither the Assumption, nor the Dmitrievsky Cathedral.
It's a fair assumption!
All the information confirm our assumption that the enemy will assume the offensive this morning.
This is just an assumption.
If you insist he's there, then I must act on the assumption he's there.
Now, on the assumption that Myers is listening to the car radio, we're issuing these broadcasts in the State, containing false information as to his whereabouts and not connecting the two men with him.
If your assumption turns out to be justified.
It's more than an assumption, Dr. Eliot.
Confident that you gentlemen would go along with them on the assumption-- the evil assumption-- that all Negroes lie, all Negroes are basically immoral beings, all Negro men are not to be trusted around our women.
Yes, well, I think you two must admit that, er my assumption as to where we were, has been proved correct.
Doctor, if your assumption was correct and this is Vortis, what do you know of its history?
I wouldn't make that assumption.

News and current affairs

The Thatcherite assumption, in other words, was that government failure is far more menacing to prosperity than market failure.
NAFTA was conceived under the assumption that expanded trade would trickle down benefits to all in the three countries.
But how lazy that assumption seems now, given all that has since happened.
That assumption is the heart of democracy; it is a revolution for diplomacy.
Sweden's assumption of the EU Presidency this month should help these efforts.
This assumption is not so far-fetched.
MacArthur attacked concentrated economic power under the assumption that large landholders and large firms become pawns of government.
Similarly, loss of wetlands threatened New Orleans' levees, which were built on the assumption that they would have 40 to 50 miles of protective swamp as buffer between the city and the Gulf of Mexico.
The assumption that the price of mailing a letter or shipping a package should remain constant throughout the year is ripe to be challenged.
Even simple methods, like writing down and challenging every assumption on which a company has based its strategy, can yield valuable insights.
Moreover, appeasement is based on the dangerous assumption that the extremists' objectives are limited - that once they attain their stated goals by using violence, they will become responsible members of the world community.
China's adventurism and its blithe assumption that it can deal with any international dictator it wishes and disturb the delicate military balance in outer space is emblematic of something sinister and dangerous.
But it would be strange to conclude from Greece's experience that wage deflation is a useless tool for improving competitiveness, given the widespread assumption that Germany benefited massively from it.
But the large-scale destruction of financial assets because of underlying uncertainty about the extent of losses in the wake of the sub-prime crisis, and especially after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, shook that assumption.
The federal assumption of states' debts by itself could not guarantee political order.
The world economy is hard-wired to the assumption of a strong America, and Americans benefit from this.
But, even under this adventurous assumption, human-rights issues arise.
And those estimates are based on the optimistic assumption that the economy will have returned gradually to full employment with low inflation and moderate interest rates.
Even under the now seemingly heroic assumption that the eurozone will survive, the outlook for the European economy is bleak.
What if the problem is the assumption that all demand is created equal?
In fact, the evidence does not always support this assumption.
Furthermore, budget support that's linked to national poverty-reduction strategies also rests on the questionable assumption that the political economy of a partner country works to the benefit of the poorest.
The message conveyed by the pope and by the religious leaders with whom he met defied the contemporary assumption that the public cannot understand anything longer or more complicated than a sound bite.
The Iran nuclear deal refuted the widespread but naive assumption that geopolitics can drive oil prices in only one direction.

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