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An assurance is a strong promise, usually given when the listener has doubts. She had been here before and could give assurance that they were on the right course. Despite assurances from the contractor that everything was going well, we still felt nervous. Assurance is the feeling of self confidence. Cocteau in his trademark suit stared with absolute assurance into the camera.


(= confidence, authority) freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities his assurance in his superiority did not make him popular after that failure he lost his confidence she spoke with authority a statement intended to inspire confidence the President's assurances were not respected (= pledge) a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something an assurance of help when needed signed a pledge never to reveal the secret a British term for some kinds of insurance

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I can give you my personal assurance of that.

Movie subtitles

Now, Tonetti, remember I want delicacy, tact, assurance, finesse.
If you could just give me some assurance. If you could give me some assurance that you'd. consider us first before you donate that million to anyone else, I'd appreciate it.
I shall not leave this house until you have given me the assurance for which I asked!
You want some assurance of my sincerity?
You have the atheist's self-assurance.
I know this is hard on those who are really with us, but it should be their best assurance that this time we mean business.
Well, no doubt he lacked assurance.
I am aware that your profession requires a certain self-assurance, but aren't you going too far?
I want some assurance that the mission won't be molested.
He never knew about it. From that time on, he developed assurance.
A combination and a form indeed where every god did seem to set his seal to give the world assurance of a man.
Yes, sir, I think I may give that assurance.
In fact, it's the one assurance I can make.
What assurance have I you wont trick me?
If you could just give me some assurance.
If you could give me some assurance that you'd. consider us first before you donate that million to anyone else, I'd appreciate it.
Have you any assurance that he won't?
I'd like to have your assurance about the land.
But before we start, I want to convey the chiefs assurance that right after national security the safe return of your boy will be our first concern.
And that's why I'd. Well, I'd like your personal assurance too.
May the sincerity of my feelings and the assurance of my deep affection be of comfort to you in this ordeal that you are undergoing.
It wounds the assurance of the man and destroys the false idea they have of this.
Try acting with more assurance.
I want your assurance that Klaas Bleecker will have a fair and just trial.
Dr. Turner, you have my assurance Klaas Bleecker will have a fair trial.
Such confidence, such self-assurance.
That is, I have the assurance of it.
Your self-assurance is magnificent, sir.
Look your heart be firm, or else his head's assurance is but frail.
Had his personal assurance.
The class possessing riches, mingles such a self-assurance to wealth that for her, nature and wealth become confused.
Strange that you've no duties in the Bureau, yet you can state with total assurance that those records are non-existent.
I know I've made some very poor decisions recently but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal.
If you accept, have the absolute assurance, that you will be elected senator!

News and current affairs

It is also possible that language will be found in future bond issues that replaces the pari passu clause but provides sufficient assurance to bondholders to let the market function much as it did until the current ruling.
Arafat's death may well mark the beginning of that process, but the transition to a new Palestinian leadership could take years, and there is no assurance that it will be a moderate one.
It must be clear by now that Pyongyang is determined to keep its nuclear weapons program in order to obtain a credible assurance from the US that its bizarre and repressive regime will be allowed to survive.
Buoyed by assurance of recovery, the half-dead patient would leap out of bed, start running, jumping, and eating normally, and would soon be restored to full vigor.
Accordingly, they will show very limited appetite for risking the hard-earned policy gains of the last 10-15 years, and the resilience and self-assurance that has come with those gains.
Investors need assurance that information received adequately reflects the economic situation of a firm.
Within the current regulatory and legal environment, with derivatives and other off-balance-sheet liabilities, there is no way for investors to have that assurance today.
The assurance given to the world that wars will no longer originate in Europe represents a formidable reversal of history.
Good governance is, of course, essential insofar as it provides households with greater clarity and investors with greater assurance that they can secure a return on their efforts.
Most importantly, Iran ought to press for an American assurance that its cooperation will be reciprocated by an American guarantee that Iran will not be a target of American military action in the future.
Perhaps this assurance of broad international support made it prudent--or at least less imprudent--to appease the financial markets first.
But how can the benefits of a global patent system that provides incentives for innovation and new discoveries be combined with an assurance that poor people gain access to the medical care that they desperately need?
So Amien Rais' assurance that Megawati will remain president until 2004 will not have injected a greater urgency into her presidency.
Part of this initiative must be to provide, as a corollary to new disarmament requirements and control mechanisms, the assurance of non-discriminatory access to nuclear know-how, research, and technology.
Was it purely the product of a collective delusion, an emotional Potemkin village of sorts, encouraged, if not conceived, by the authorities to restore some level of self-assurance among France's depressed citizens?
However, the assault from Japan, a speck of dust in its own backyard, shattered this self-assurance and was experienced as a shocking and intolerable humiliation.
Although the issue has been much debated, until now there has been only modest progress in developing fuel-supply assurance arrangements that would meet this concern.
On the other hand, there is no assurance that the right policies would be maintained if power once again passed to a military ruler.
This would need to be speedy, provide some assurance of objective assessment, and ideally generate strong concern across a wide cross-section of the international community.
Of course, there is no assurance that today's expanded commerce will preclude eventual strategic rivalry, or succeed in erasing lingering wartime animosity.

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