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Simple sentences

The name Edwin doesn't ring a bell.
If you need anything, ring my bell any time. I'll be glad to help you.
The bells started to ring.
Tom wasn't wearing a wedding ring, but Mary noticed a white circle on his ring finger.
It's over between us. Give me back my ring!
The church bell used to ring at three.
Don't forget to give us a ring when you arrive in Kyoto.
Give me a ring if you find out anything.
The hotel telephone is in the hall and Harriet is trying to ring the police now.
Please ring for the servant.
I don't want you to ring me up all the time.
Please ring him up.
I'm not wearing a diamond ring, but I'm happy.
The ring was nowhere to be found.
That diamond ring cost an arm and a leg.
How much is this ring worth?
In case of fire, ring the bell.
Mickey Conners made mincemeat of his opponent in the ring.
I talked my boyfriend into buying me a ring.
The diamond was set in a gold ring.
You must not part with the ring.
Kate always shows off the big diamond ring she got from her fiance.
I'll ring you back.

Movie subtitles

Who got the ring back from Gollum?
If you find the truth. this bell will ring.
Will I be able to even hear it ring?
Only the death of the person who led you to the death (the person who killed her) can ring this bell.
When you've uncovered the truth then I'll ring this bell.
Remember--only the death of the person who led you to your death will ring this bell.
Er, yeah, tell him I'll ring him.
I'm going to look for a ring.
Josh, when are you gonna put a ring on this lovely girl's finger?
The reason I asked for that ring is because, deep down, I didn't believe you were gonna do it.
You have a ring.
Let's take that ring and get up on the bandstand and steal some wedding thunder and get engaged right now.
We did ring the bell.
On that key ring will be a key to Pete London's office.
Take off your ring, earrings, and glasses.
Tonight I need to get a ring, that looks just like this one!
As soon as I realized that my ring was swapped, I rushed here to report it.
For the thief, the ring has lost its magic power.
This damned ring has turned him into a dog!
Through the power of imagination, with a normal ring, Jean has gained his self confidence. Look how he has changed.
A steel ring of the Red Guard units surrounds the Winter palace.
I'm stuck with this ring.
Now the boys are locked in the center of the ring.
Now the boys are at it in the center of the ring!
Both boys are fiddling in the ring, and I don't think much of the tune.
Now they're in the center of the ring, and the crowd hurrahs.
Something to ring the hearts out of the public, to bring the curtain down in the second act.
If you get in a jam, give me a ring.
Is it true that you have a magic ring that can make you invisible?
You know, in case a teacher sees or something. But you got this invisibility ring, right?
Remember it well. Only the death of the person who led you to the death (the person who killed her) can ring this bell.
And in every ring he entered, he would carry his one hundred and fifty pounds with ease and grace.
Did you ring, sir?
Fujimoto recognizes the ring Orie lost during the argument.
Listen, honey, you're too big a guy to hit anyone outside the ring.

News and current affairs

Churches will ring bells 350 times, 350 cyclists will circle towns, and, in many places, 350 trees will be planted.
Meanwhile, the ability to backstop, ring-fence, and bail out banks and other financial institutions is constrained by politics and near-insolvent sovereigns' inability to absorb additional losses from their banking systems.
But, while this scenario has a certain ring of truth, surely any breakup would be highly traumatic, with the euro diving before its rump form recovered.
If Bulgaria sends this man back to Turkmenistan - where he faces certain torture and the threat of a brutal death - our claim to be part of a democratic, rights-respecting Europe will ring hollow.
Other qualified people from emerging markets have been reluctant to put their hats into the ring - it is a brutal job, with a travel schedule that requires physical stamina to match wisdom and experience.
Would host supervisors try to ring-fence the losses to include only those in their own country?
The integrated grid can be imagined as a large ring, connecting Norway with the United Kingdom, and then linking across the channel to France, Belgium, and Holland, before moving on to Germany and returning to Scandinavia.
And, while some contagion will be unavoidable - whatever happens to Greece is likely to spread to Portugal, and Ireland's financial position, too, could become unsustainable - the rest of the eurozone needs to be ring-fenced.
In Brazil, the government is daring, for the first time, to address the lawlessness of the overcrowded favelas that ring the country's large cities.
The substantial new official resources of the IMF and ESM - and ECB liquidity - could then be used to ring-fence these countries, and banks elsewhere in the eurozone's troubled periphery.
Such arguments have the ring of common sense.
When she graduated, in 1905, the university nominated her for its highest distinction, an award marked by the presentation of a ring engraved with the initials of the emperor.
This is the message I would like to ring out: we should focus on the best ideas first.
They could outlaw initiatives that the UK holds dear, such as new rules to ring-fence retail banks' subsidiaries and impose higher capital requirements on them.
One way forward would be to go further than Blair by ring-fencing certain principles and creating some form of constitutional court to defend them.
WASHINGTON, DC - America's presidential election is still nearly two years away, and few candidates have formally thrown their hats into the ring.
In Paris and other French cities, the hate-filled words ring out.
National projects ring hollow, and the so-called international community remains an abstraction.
Unless the sovereign debt of the rest of the eurozone is successively ring-fenced, a Greek default could cause a meltdown of the global financial system.
Its members proposed that universal banks be obliged to set up ring-fenced retail-banking subsidiaries with a much higher share of equity capital.
The proposal mirrors the UK plan - the investment-banking and trading arms, not the retail side, would be ring-fenced - but the end point would be quite similar.
Such arguments have the ring of common sense. If people believe that they will share in overall economic growth, they should be more likely to support social peace.
Surely a twenty-first-century fisherman does not want to see the basis of his or her living degraded and destroyed, nor does a modern conservationist want to ring-fence the environment and stop people from making a living.
Today these arguments ring hollow.
Although ring prophylaxis might work in Minneapolis, Toronto, or Zurich, in the parts of the world where flu pandemics begin, the probability of success approaches zero.
WASHINGTON, DC - Iran's presidential race just got more interesting, with former Prime Minister Mir Hussein Mousavi throwing his hat in the ring and former President Mohammad Khatami withdrawing his.

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