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What does associative case mean?

associative case

(grammar) The grammatical case that is associative.

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assumptive mood assertive

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How do I use associative case in a sentence?

Simple sentences

In case of an emergency, push this button.
Take your umbrella with you in case it rains.
In case I am late, you don't have to wait for me.
It may rain tomorrow, but we are going in any case.
In case you will need anything.
How do we have to proceed in this case?
I forgot my pencil case at home.
Tom has built up a shelter under his house in case of some disaster.
Nothing mysterious about this case.
Tom says that it is wise to stockpile some food in case of emergency.
You have to judge the case without bias.
We will make an exception of your case.
What you said is also true of this case.
There has been another case of cholera in the neighborhood.
Don't look to me for any help except in case of emergency.
What number should I call in case of an emergency?
In case of emergency, call 119.
In case of an emergency, dial 110.
In case of an emergency, get in touch with my agent.
In case of emergency, call the police.
The red lamp lights up in case of danger.
You must take your coat in case it should become cold.
Take this medicine in case you get sick.
In case of an emergency, call the police.
Don't come near to the bulldog in case it bites.
He will come with his wife, as is often the case with foreigners.
In case of fire, ring the bell.
Break this glass in case of fire.
In case of fire, dial 119.
In case of fire, press this button.

Movie subtitles

In any case, there is no fuel.
Private Kururugi Suzaku of the district 11 military, case 1075, concerning the suspicion of Prince Clovis' murder.
Talking about a murder case or what-not, didn't he seem to make the case big?
Being a simple person can be an advantage in this case.
Hi, Karen, the case assistant.
Wait, are you taking me off the case?
Please don't take me off the case, because if you take me off the case, that means I'm not working and if I'm not working, that means I have to think thoughts.
Okay, you're not off the case.
Ah, the very cold case, yes.
It's a classic case of keeping something secret.
This is great. Case closed.
Fine, maybe I'll just put Channy bear on a high shelf in case of a. bear-mergency.
And in the first case the system has more energy than in the second case.
Since that is the case, could you arrange a meeting between myself as head of the Jewish Council, and the governor-general?
Do you have a problem with the way Botticelli, or, in this case Saad, handles the female body?
They would have simply done away with him by now if that were the case.
In that case, I want to go with you.
In that case, we'll have to assume it's an autonomous space station.
In that case, it's coming from Earth!
Well, in that case.
If that's the case.
In that case, let's just go meet Joe and Ivan.
Whatever the case, it appears that all of them wield a significant amount of social clout.
Whatever the case may be, we have coexisted with humanity since before recorded history.
But if that's the case, then entropy must also be increasing somewhere else.
You know, in case a teacher sees or something. But you got this invisibility ring, right?
Actually, I'm in charge of John Mayer's case.
Mr. Joo Joong Won. If that's the case, I want to formally invite you to my house.
If a government official like Itakura were to come here and get involved you can expect he won't treat this as a mere quarrel case.
I definitely won't press ignore. on this case.
Let's get back to the case.
The case?

News and current affairs

It has entered the history books as the beginning of something new, a new era perhaps, but in any case a time of change.
Since he first appeared at the side of Dr. Chaim Weizmann in the late 1940's during the struggle for Jewish statehood and sovereignty, few people could articulate the Zionist and later the Israeli case with comparable eloquence and conviction.
They are affordable, and in each case would ultimately deliver large net benefits.
If that is the case, every country in the world is in deep trouble.
Cherkesov's case exemplifies Putin's nightmare.
It cannot be the case that America's fidelity to democracy in Ukraine can be so cynically purchased.
But few saw, for instance, the Artic ice cap melting as rapidly as now seems to be the case.
Although President George W. Bush says he believes in markets, in this case he has called for voluntary action.
The economic case for focusing more on adaptation is clear.
And this is why it doesn't matter whether the relevant events happened 60 years ago (as World War II), 90 years (as in the case of the Armenian genocide) or even 600 years (such as the battle of Kosovo in 1389).
Instead, the EU kept Turkey waiting yet again, putting off formal negotiations that, in any case, may take years to complete.
At that meeting, European leaders should ask themselves the following questions: Has the EU given Turkey a fair deal in the case of Cyprus?
Suppose that - as seems to be the case - the simple Keynesian government-expenditure multiplier on this spending is only two.
Once a basket-case associated in the world's eyes only with famine and drought, Ethiopia has become one of Africa's largest economies - and without the benefit of gold or oil.
The Spanish case is symptomatic of a larger problem.
In the case of Ireland, the situation was initially not much different.
Consider the case of a bank headquartered in Italy, but with an important subsidiary in Germany.
New research by three Italian economists, Francesco Bosello, Carlo Carraro, and Enrica De Cian does this, and, ultimately, provides a powerful economic case for a much greater focus on adaptation.
In the past, jets flying into ash from volcanoes in the US, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mexico have temporarily lost engine power, and in one case, dropped thousands of feet, although all managed to land safely.
But Japan remains concerned about China's rapidly modernizing military, while China worries about a potential US-Japan containment strategy for China, especially in the case of a crisis in the Taiwan Straits.
Whatever the case, both institutions certainly have much to answer for - and the loan agreements provide an arbitration clause to bring them to account.

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