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associative array

An array-like data structure

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Movie subtitles

These are the individual antennas of the Allen telescope array. It's one of the most powerful observatories in the world and, in fact, the kind of thing that could check out millions of star systems.
Quite an array of talent for a misdemeanour.
I have a very impressive array of first names.
And they adorned themselves in rich apparel and costly array, with veils of blue and purple and scarlet, and fine twined linen wrought in Egypt.
No host of arms, no vast array, Of banners served this wicked lord.
O no, good Kate; neither art thou the worse For this poor furniture and mean array.
And this, of course, is an array of your battle flags and pennants dating back to the Crusades, to Hannibal's invaders, the Grecian war galleys, and the hordes of Persia.
I'm afraid the raid is entering my ground array, Stanmore.
The outcome will then depend on how we array our forces.
This is the Mo Pan pole array?
The corals themselves exist in an enormous array of shapes and configurations.
The shimmering array of fish and the ability of every individual in a school to instantly and simultaneously shift course presents a disorienting target to would-be predators.
The Lohans Array?
If anyone who could break through the Lohans Array,.then there's no more secrets for Shaolin Kung Fu.
Our strategy. We deploy in battle array.
Sunday comes apace and we will have rings and things in fine array.
And this, of course, is an array of your battle flags and pennants, dating back to the Crusades, to Hannibal's invaders, the Grecian war galleys, and the hordes of Persia.
The lord marched off in splendid array with his soldiers and conscripted farmers.
I refer to that constant array of ladies privately entertained by old Judge Baldwin.
This young lady is by far the finest of a staggering array.
Yes, we've been working on an array system ourselves but with slow progress.
Last month, it was array-transform processors and binary codes tomorrow, it's directed-energy weapons, laser-mirror processors jamming devices for phase-array radar.
The fact is, the earl's impending wedding will assemble under one roof. the finest array of jewels on the continent.
We deploy in battle array.
The cloak which conceals my array.
No host of arms, no vast array Of banners served this wicked lord.
Do you want to take another array of xrays?
When we look at the surface, we do not see a solid surface but only an occasional patch of atmosphere and a complex array of multicolored clouds.
I can see the array.
But the antenna array,.
But Lorenzo's SWAT team is dead, and the antenna array is gone.
They went for the antenna array.
How about a towed sonar array?
I diverted power from the phaser array and I dumped it into the Engineering control system.

News and current affairs

Or, to be precise, a carbon tax could substitute for the huge array of taxes that is eventually coming anyway in the wake of massive government budget deficits.
Insurers must also be attentive to a wide array of possible moral hazards - perverse incentives to risky behavior - and to problems of selection bias in attracting clients.
According to Rowhani and Velayati, while Iran in recent years has increased the number of centrifuges in use in its nuclear research program, the cost has been an economically devastating array of international sanctions.
Because we do not yet know which innovations will be the most important in decarbonizing the economy, investment must be allocated to a wide array of choices.
The future impact of global governance rests on forging new alignments that facilitate the flow of vital knowledge and technologies from an increasingly diverse array of sources to urban populations worldwide.
Another recession in the US would not be a great surprise, but it can be attributed to an array of bad government policies and other forces, not to cutting the size of government.
An accelerating convergence of the biological, physical, and engineering sciences promises a stunning array of new technological solutions.
New manufacturing processes will incorporate specially designed microbes and computer-characterized compounds into an array of products.
At a time of looming financial upheaval, the G-20 must stop attempting to tackle a broad array of issues simultaneously - a goal that has proved impossible - and go back to basics.
Without these, Libya will most likely fail to find its footing and, much like post-Saddam Iraq, suffer from persistent political division and volatile civil disorder, in addition to a multifaceted array of geopolitical pressures.
He is a good listener, is supportive of people he trusts, and is surrounded by a lot of good people with a wide array of skills.
The final challenge concerns a wide array of issues that require regulation of rapidly evolving technologies by governments that do not necessarily have the competence or resources to do so effectively.
His tactics of the last week produced an array of indignant and amused critiques.
There is a broad array of policies that can benefit people in both developing and developed countries, thereby providing globalization with the popular legitimacy that it currently lacks.
A country torn by sectarian violence beginning in 1975, Lebanon pitted an even more complex array of contestants against each other than Iraq does today.
On May 19, the state's voters, in a special election, rejected an array of tax increases and spending cuts required to balance its budget.
Similar downtrends are evident in a broad array of leading indicators, ranging from consumer expectations, money supply, and the stock market, to steel production, industrial product sales, and newly started construction.
Emerging-market countries are turning to an array of techniques to discourage capital inflows or sterilize their effect on the exchange rate.
To try to compensate for these perturbed weather patterns, Chinese officialdom has launched an unprecedented array of costly projects.
PRINCETON - The European Union is facing a truly terrifying array of crises.
Yet, taken together, the EU countries possess a considerable array of assets, including the military capability needed to conduct decisive operations.
But the deeper historical reasons for improved workplace safety lie in an array of legal institutions developed by workers, employers, lawyers, and lawmakers at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.
If buying dollars is not sufficient to stem the appreciation tide, regulators in emerging economies will erect an array of other barriers to keep money out.

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