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Simple sentences

The three associates will set up a new company.

Movie subtitles

You see, I was expecting two, uh. two business associates.
But if it takes a little longer than we figure. I want to know if you and your associates. would be in a position to sort of tide us over.
They're old associates.
Now, doctor, I'd like you to meet your new associates.
I thought your name was King Shaw, so I sold King Shaw to my associates.
So now we present the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, interpreted in pictures by Walt Disney and his associates, and in music by the Philadelphia Orchestra and its conductor, Leopold Stokowski.
But in any case, would it not be wise. to remove yourself and your female associates at once to safety?
No sir, he's in the study with some business associates.
I warn you that every word that passed between you. and your criminal associates is known to me.
Somehow I can always sense when one of my associates bungles a job.
I don't have any German scientist associates.
You see, Mr. Murdock and my father were former business associates.
Like I told you. they were business associates in the old days.
I got a number of friends. and, uh, associates here.
As associates, of course.
If I may speak for my associates. I feel we must share the burden of your displeasure with Capt. Thorpe.
I don't have any German scientist associates. Really?
You know how is called that one who associates with bandits?
No, I am not interested in a demonstration of the tricks taught you by your business associates.
There's nothing wrong with protecting your associates.
One sometimes takes on the coloring of one's associates. Think I'd better go.
Something the public associates with you alone.
This is Mrs. Rutledge and Mr. McCarthy, my associates.
Oh, let's just say I took the bow for a team of very brilliant associates.
We're not only friends, my dear Topaze. But.. business associates.
Well, honest Ed McKeever was off to Washington. completely unaware that his trusted associates were.
My associates ask me what he wants to be, and i have to tell them that he hasn't made up his mind because i won't tell them that he wants to be a. a folk singer.
Business associates scarcely act that way.
My associates and I were on excellent terms.
We'll hold her hostage and send our associates to have a talk with Lord Ieyasu.
Since you first brought your recurring dream to our attention, Raymond Shaw, his life, background, habits, friends and associates have been under scrupulous examination.
Those are my father's business associates.
However, I found that the rest of my associates are also bothered by these anxieties.
He's one of my associates.

News and current affairs

They sought help from Yale University psychologist Carl Hovland and his associates, who produced what has become a well-known model of persuasion, comprising three groups of variables related to the communicator, the audience, and the message.
But even if Vladimir Putin's associates had nothing to do with Politkovskaya being gunned down in an elevator of her apartment building in the center of Moscow, his contempt for law created the climate in which the murder was carried out.
The EU should consider blocking all its educational and cultural programs in Egypt if the verdict on Ibrahim and his associates is not overturned and the Ibn Khaldun Institute not re-opened and restored to full vigor.
President Bush and many of his associates may be sincere in their commitment to the human rights cause.
Corruption is limited by the frequent alternation of power, since tyrants typically need many years to build up systems of mega-corruption, usually involving family and business associates.
In turn, several of Nehru's Muslim associates were respected nationally across the religious divide.
We must trust the WHO and its associates to come to our rescue, as it did so admirably with SARS.
Moreover, Putin's associates wanted Yukos' wealth, which was confiscated by the state oil company Rosneft through lawless taxation, leaving Putin's tax reform and judicial reform in tatters and severely undermining property rights.
The Big Three and their auto finance associates (such as GMAC) are huge debtors whose liabilities are held throughout the financial system.
Indeed, while the Arab Spring ended the old corrupt bargain that kept so many autocratic rulers in power across the Muslim world, Zardari and his associates appear not to have received the message.
In exchange for the withdrawal of corruption cases against her, Zardari, and several of their friends and associates, Bhutto agreed to support Musharraf after the elections scheduled for December 2007.
Meanwhile my associates - Gaidar, Anatole Chubais, and Irina Khakamada - and I are establishing a new democratic party with an explicit platform to assure that, together with others, we provide checks and balances to President Putin.
Yet doubts persist whether President Putin and his associates realize this fact.
The unilateral and persistent way in which President Kim and his associates pursued their opening to the North caused enormous divisiveness on an issue over which the country was usually very united.
Moreover, persecution of political dissenters does not now reach far beyond the accused to involve their associates.
First, the West associates the Islamic world with violence and instability.
Putin added insult to injury by talking to his associates rather than to Yanukovych.
For example, Assad apparently still does not realize how much the Bush administration associates his regime with terrorism.
China is far too big to be taken for granted, and it wants to be shown the respect that it associates with being an ancient civilization that has contributed so much to human progress.
The targeted sanctions address such matters as the foreign bank accounts of Mugabe and his associates and their right to travel to Europe and the US on holidays and shopping trips.
Even Europe's leftist intelligentsia now associates crime and urban squalor with immigration.

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