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(of a person or thing) connected with something or another person. associated company

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Simple sentences

I have been associated with him for ten years.
What percentage of illnesses are associated with inadequate diets?
Beauty in China was associated with wealth.
Green is associated with grass.
That's a picture of a monkey associated with the Year of the Monkey.
There are comments associated with this question.
What would Ma say if she knew you associated with such common people!
The color green is often associated with money.
The color green is often associated with money and the world of finance, because banknotes in many countries are green.
I should prefer that you do not mention my name at all in connection with the case, as I choose to be only associated with those crimes which present some difficulty in their solution.
They always associated a heavy rain with flood.
Even though I like stoats a lot, I am in no way a 'furry' and have no wish to be associated with them, since my appreciation of stoats is purely aesthetical.

Movie subtitles

Dracula's name is associated with a legend still told among his fellow countrymen.
Associated with your uncle for many years, as a sort of buffer.
Webster says it's a party of persons associated with mutual, or joint usefulness.
How could you have associated with Jeff for so long. and not gotten some of his fine qualities?
In Transylvania, the name is associated only with evil.
By relentless surveillance of embassy officials and all those with whom they associated the FBI learned that Germany was recruiting American Nazis for its espionage service.
You've associated it with the unhappy life of your sister who paid for your lessons through a life of shame.
I'm not accustomed to being associated with this kind of a mess.
Just speak up, because any idea that comes into your mind. will be an associated idea.
Well, we wanna ask you have you ever been in the offices of the Associated Life of New York in the Victor Moore Arcade building?
You've been identified by witnesses as the man who held up the offices of Associated Life in the Victor Moore Arcade building.
Held up the Associated Life of New York.
Manny was locked up for the holdup of the Associated Life of New York.
The Associated Life of.
Associated with your uncle for many years, as a buffer.
We've been associated for almost five years now.
The reactions associated with the greatest crime of all.
Why don't you telephone your scoop to the Associated Press.
He has become more well known because his name has been associated with a popular meat extract.
The one who is associated with Sherlock Holmes?
Holmes and I have been associated on quite a number of cases.
Phyllis. We were closely associated at one time. Professionally, of course.
Me. Some of my most beautiful memories are associated with this road.
How and why the obviously weII-bred and cultured society beauty. could be even remotely associated with members of the underworld. is a question which baffles the authorities.
I was about to say it was a pleasure being associated with a gentleman.
We were closely associated at one time.
How long have you been associated with them?
Don't believe the associated press?
What I'd like you to know, ladies and gentlemen. is that I have been associated with these gentlemen for many years. and I can assure you they are worth every cent they're getting.
We're so delighted with your grasp of the company's problems. that we'd like you to be more closely associated with us.
I've always seen to it that he was associated with regular guys.
The police have associated your name with mine.
Where, coincidentally my brother-in-law is managing an important construction project which I'm associated with. to a very small degree.
You're asking me to intervene to help a business that you're associated with.
But. If you've learned something associated with it, Would like it better to put.
And as will be everything associated with her, if it pleases our Lord.
Life and death are associated.
The number of deaths associated with this project - the entire team of European safety inspectors.

News and current affairs

But, first, they must anticipate the associated financing requirements, which will soon surpass the current capacities of governments and international donors, and take action now to activate new, reliable sources of financing.
Investment in statistical capacity would help governments and businesses worldwide to make better policy decisions, based on a more accurate accounting of the associated costs and benefits.
Cyber war and cyber espionage are largely associated with states, while cyber crime and cyber terrorism are mostly associated with non-state actors.
Once a basket-case associated in the world's eyes only with famine and drought, Ethiopia has become one of Africa's largest economies - and without the benefit of gold or oil.
It is unrealistic to ask poor countries, where more than 1.6 billion people do not have access to clean energy and technologies, to bear the costs associated with the much needed technological change.
Implementing liquidity provision policies like those advocated by Bagehot would prevent bank panics without the incentive for undue risk-taking associated with deposit insurance.
At the opposite end of the spectrum of policy choices is a preventive attack: a military strike (most likely by Israel, the US, or both) against sites in Iran associated with its nuclear program.
There is a rigorous process of scholarly review of proposed new therapies, associated with professional journals that uphold high research standards.
Most benefited from the economic growth and expanded educational opportunities associated with the oil boom of the 1970's.
To be sure, there has been the normal inflation associated with large increases in import prices that always follow large devaluations, but rather than setting off a spiral of price increases, inflation rates appear to be dampening.
The average high-debt episodes since 1800 last 23 years and are associated with a growth rate more than one percentage point below the rate typical for periods of lower debt levels.
It is sobering to note that almost half of high-debt episodes since 1800 are associated with low or normal real (inflation-adjusted) interest rates.
As Ukraine so clearly shows, the process of self-liberation from communism was, by definition, associated with a gigantic privatization.
The current drought covering much of East Africa - far more severe than past droughts - has been directly associated with climate change.
For example, India could enforce a ceiling on wedding expenditure - typically a father's biggest expense associated with his daughter.
Some of this we understand, but most of the material in the universe, and the forces associated with it, are not well explained.
But this overlooks a much more important aspect of the productivity-measurement critique: the undercounting of work time associated with the widespread use of portable information appliances.
As Gordon notes, there have been long-lasting productivity dividends associated with urbanization - a trend that could continue for at least another decade in China.
The Associated Press refuses to comment on him.
Most Americans do not feel the sacrifices associated with the large troop presence and ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.
At the same time, the involvement of a rule-bound international agency would minimize the political poison associated with bank recapitalizations and currency interventions.
In order to reduce the risks associated with investing in Afghanistan, the government must create a system that benefits local communities and foreign investors alike.
We therefore expect a shift toward earlier reproduction, because the costs previously associated with doing so have disappeared - exactly what we found in Framingham.

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