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A vezmeme si královský apartmán.
And we'll take the royal suite.
Apartmán 1502.
Apartment 1502.
Jaký apartmán?
Which apartment?
Bishmův apartmán?
Where is Bishma's apartment?
A pro ty kteří tady mají apartmán.
The only one who keeps an apartment here.
Ve skutečnosti, mám pouze apartmán.
In fact, I have the only apartment.
Královský apartmán.
The King's apartments.
Vždycky měI tento apartmán celých deset let. od 15.července do15.srpna.
He always had this suite for ten years. July 15th to August 15th.
Jen proto, že dva lidé sdílejí stejný apartmán. nebo stejnou. to neznamená,že se tu dělo něco nevhodného.
Just because two people are sharing the same suite. or the same. that does not mean there was anything improper going on.
Třetí patro, apartmán č. 8.
Third floor, Apartment 8. - Thank you.
Stačí ti ten pokoj, nebo chceš apartmán?
Is this room big enough, or would you prefer a suite?
A za ten krásný apartmán.
And for the lovely suite And for the caviar.
Tu cestu i apartmán ti zaplatil on.
The man has paid for this trip, He's paid for this suite.
Apartmán 203.
Thank you.

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