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A en given name, a mostly British spelling variant of Dennis.

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Denys Dennis

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Movie subtitles

I'm sorry, Ma'am, it's Denis'.
It belongs to us, belong to us. Denis!
Between the Porte St Denis and the Porte St Martin, there were 50 Ritons.
What arms did you put in the church of St Denis?
The other day, on the way back from the airport, my car broke down on the rue Saint Denis.
Not rue St Martin, rue St Denis.
I want you to all meet Sir Denis Eton-Hogg.
Denis, come here!
This is Sir Denis Eton-Hogg.
Oh, hi, Denis.
Sir Denis!
But it's really not that offensive, Sir Denis!
OK, I wanted to tell you this, but I didn't know what Denis's decision was going to be.
Sherlock Holmes of Rue Saint Denis.
Deputy Chambris, from the Saint-Denis district of the city of Paris.
The deputy from the Saint-Denis district. will be absent from this assembly.
May I introduce the new deputy from Saint-Denis?
I don't know, Mr Denis.
Goodbye, Mr Denis.
Mr Denis.
Ah, Mr Denis.
Who said you could come in, Denis?
Denis, get out.
Mr Denis and Mr Villard.
I believe you had a chat with Denis.
Didn't Denis tell you?
You're early this morning, Denis.
Denis, I'm sorry.
Despise me, Denis.
I stopped by to see if Denis was feeling better.
I'm Denis.
You can call Denis all you want, but he can't find you now.
Yes, Denis.
Hello, Denis.
I'm free, Denis.
The cinema after St Denis, it has been there.
You'll find him at 18 Rue St. Denis, at Clarice Booker's.

News and current affairs

The German government still does not admit that - as if France before the euro would have offered up Seine-Saint-Denis or Corsica to pay off its foreign debts to keep the franc.
In the opening session, Obama's special envoy, Denis Ross, was greeted with resounding silence when he conveyed to the participants his boss's warm wishes.

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