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It is too painful to believe that humanity would destroy millions of other species - and jeopardize our own future - in a fit of absent-mindedness.
The art of statecraft is not to choose between war and diplomacy as if they were mutually exclusive alternatives, but to understand how they fit together.
As the ECB's common monetary policy cannot fit the macroeconomic conditions of all the member countries, the eurozone countries need macro-prudential regulations that aim at reducing excessive credit growth.
Memories of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and Japanese aggression in the 1930's are politically useful and fit within a larger theme of Chinese victimization by imperialist forces.
Yet it is hard to fit solutions into either a traditional liberal or traditional conservative political philosophy.
With his white mother and his African father, he does not fit any African-American precedent.
In a fit of Islamic solidarity, they went to Afghanistan and met with Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.
But, rather than picking facts and stories to fit some grand narrative of decline or progress, we should try to compare across all areas of human existence to see if the world really is doing better or worse.
Such a system may formally fit better with the idea of social inclusion, but violates the basic right of free migration granted in the Treaty of Rome.
Yet Spain, India, Belgium, and Switzerland are all consolidated democracies that do not fit the classic model of the nation state.
Can One International Financial Architecture Fit All?
Eighty years after the republic's founding the trouble with headscarved women is that they do not fit into the picture of the ideal modern Turkish woman.
Furthermore, MIT has developed the foldable electric CityCar, four of which can fit into a conventional parking space.
The more complex and costly the mechanisms used, the less fit the resistant population will be.
An alternative hypothesis, which seems to fit the facts, recently emerged from the Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Dysfunctionality in Capital Markets, at the London School of Economics.
Indeed, with America's economy in apparent freefall, Trichet is threatening euro-zone trade unions with pre-emptive interest-rate hikes unless they behave as he sees fit.
The fit would be particularly good in those countries where the Bank is already lending money.
The editors had the right to make those decisions and to express themselves as they saw fit.
Unlike the nuclear age, when it comes to deterrence in the cyber era, one size does not fit all.