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asthenic type

slender, weak, and lightweight

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Simple sentences

I can type 50 words a minute.
Tom isn't my type.
I want to know what Tom's blood type is.
I can't understand the type of person she is.
I cannot touch-type.
She's not really my type.
Tom reverted to type.
Tom isn't the type of person to give up.
He's not my type.
You're my type.
Who buys this type of art?
This is not my type.
Are you able to type?
I'm learning how to type.
You can type, can't you?
The factory is producing a new type of car.
This is just the type of car I want.
This watch is a new type.
This type of cat has no tail.
Type this letter for me.
This is the same type of car as my father has.
He, if anything, is the romantic type.
Susie can type many times as fast as I can.
In order to use a computer, you must learn to type.
Will you type this, please?
This is the same type of camera as the one I lost.
This is a new type of car.
We must prevent this type of incident from recurring.

Movie subtitles

Well what type of. voodoo magic is that?!
For the first time in human history, we realised that our sun, with its eight major planets that go around it, is just one type of a planetary system, one example of billions.
Lord Choi, isn't the type to let things go.
That's my type, too.
Christina Hendricks type of way.
I got a plan for every type of person except for mermaids.
The type of instrument used?
What if it's a Freddy-Krueger-type serial killer who chains us up in our dreams?
Your type never helps people like us.
I will type up my notes for you.
This is the story of a spoilt husband. a type that is extinct in the country, but exists abroad.
Big Jim was the noble type. He had suffered.
The chief justice is crazy about this type of sewer.
I didn't understand that a man of his type was connected with this place.
They don't really make clothes for girls with my body type.
You know that type of defense.
Most women like that type.
But I'm just the restless, adventurous type I guess.
The type they marry.
You know, I'm not the marrying type.
That's the androgynous type.
Ah, the obvious Neanderthal type.
Now you're just my type.
I know you've never been the type to pack on the pounds.
Mrs. Lawrence, do you realize the type of men we're dealing with?
Yes. She's a very nice type.
You can type that now, Myrtle.
Have you any preference as to the type of instructress you'd like?
I also have no intention. The Princess is not the type I like, so you don't have to worry.
And, what's your type?
Your Majesty and I are the most typical type.
I'd be spilling out of this thing, and not like in a sexy, on purpose, Christina Hendricks type of way.
There are children with other problems here, but. Well, one knows the type.
You only like your type.
You are so selfish you can only love your type.
You're just not the same type at all.

News and current affairs

That is exactly what is going on in Ukraine, where President Leonid Kuchma proposes to junk our presidential system and replace it with a strange type of parliamentary system he has concocted.
Intervention of some type seems more likely in such circumstances.
Implementing a Marshall Plan-type initiative by mobilizing EU budget resources and additional lending by the European Investment Bank to finance investments in weaker countries could be an alternative, but it lacks political support.
Consequently, entrepreneurship of this type--learning what can be produced--will typically be under-supplied in the absence of non-market incentives.
Another type of help was needed, but deciding what form it should take was complicated.
He will never get a guest-worker program without Democratic support, which in turn is unlikely unless the White House supports access to a program for unauthorized immigrants already in the US that includes some type of path to residence and citizenship.
Deposit insurance was a response to banking crises of the type that plagued the United States until the 1930's.
Yesterday's treaties, particularly those with the United States and Israel, will no longer inspire the same type of confidence they have long had as instruments of state policy.
Indeed, his is the type of voice that Egyptian civil society needs if there is ever to be a chance that the country's Pharaonic authoritarian regime--symbolized by President Mubarak's high-handedness--is to be reformed.
Moreover, Abdullah understands that his wobbly regime will only be able to withstand the radical gales that are now blowing if it can forge the type of stability-seeking alliance that Metternich built.
The boldness of a vision varies with the type of leadership involved.
Viruses are parasites to cells, and each virus attacks a particular type of cell.
But if large numbers of a host - say, birds - encounter a great number of people, eventually the virus will find a way to prosper in a new type of cell.
Building these routine immunization systems has already helped us to eradicate diseases like polio and all but one type of measles.
The type of rescheduling proposed here would signal the Greek government's readiness to service its debt in full, and thus might be accepted without too much disruption in financial markets.
Yes, Japan will rebuild, which will undoubtedly spur some type of recovery in its disaster-battered economy.
Thus, some type of power struggle, rather like what occurred in the Soviet Union following Stalin's death, may invariably follow a brief period of collective rule.
It offers an opportunity for a fresh start, a new approach that produces the type of policy actions that the world needs.
Today's information revolution and the type of globalization that accompanies it are transforming and shrinking the world.
It is not yet a hole of the type one finds in Greece, where restoring fiscal balance and reviving economic growth are probably impossible without a restructuring of public debt.
Al Qaeda-type groups already have gained ground in the Middle East and North Africa as an unintended byproduct of US policies, creating fertile conditions for stepped-up international terrorism in the coming years.
The main weakness of Latin America's economies is that they will be unable to generate the type of rapid and sustained growth required to create jobs and reduce inequality and poverty.
Indeed, a Bosnia-type scenario can no longer be excluded, while the prospect of the Syrian government's loss of control over its chemical weapons poses an immediate threat of military intervention by Turkey, Israel, or the US.
The latter option, once unthinkable, is possible because Berlusconi is not running the type of inflammatory electoral campaign that he has in the past.

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