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An asterisk is the sign * used for several purposes including to mark footnotes and other notes, to indicate multiplication (e.g., 3*3), and (on the Internet) to signify that something should be in bold (e.g., *IMPORTANT*). s put asterisks before reconstructed words.


(= star) a star-shaped character * used in printing (= star) mark with an asterisk Linguists star unacceptable sentences

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star little star star number sparkle spark asteric

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Movie subtitles

Double asterisk.
There's no asterisk next to Roger Maris' home run record.
Anything pertaining to media requirements has an asterisk.
No asterisk there.
Why is there an asterisk?
With an asterisk next to it.
This evening gets as asterisk, okay?
And that there'd be an asterisk by his name because he'd be a cyborg.
Should you have an asterisk behind your name?
This is it asterisk.
The small asterisk here, conditions apply!
Why is there an asterisk next to bob denver?
What I think is I'm up to my asterisk in political quicksand.
There's a little asterisk.
There's a red asterisk next to it.
Yes, but I assumed I would've been dead hundreds of years and that there'd be an asterisk by his name because he'd be a cyborg.
Hey, why is there an asterisk next to Bob Denver? Oh, my God!
It has all the marks from where my mom measured my height every single birthday, and,oh,this asterisk by my 13th is 'cause i wouldn't take off my darth vader helmet.
Phil: Jay and I are buds, for sure, But with kind of an invisible asterisk.
Asterisk! Lisa, don't take it personally.
I need you to press and hold down the asterisk key to change it to a ring tone.
Win, uh, win with an asterisk maybe.
Couldn't we at least put an asterisk beside his name?
Yes, and I also recall that that record comes with an asterisk.
There's an asterisk beside your name.
See the asterisk there, and the time?
Can I say something? This evening gets an asterisk, okay?
Rule 30, paragraph 5, asterisk, down at the bottom.
Well,there's going to be an asterisk next to your name in the baseball hall of fame.
This is it, Asterisk.
But with kind of an invisible asterisk.
Aw, its anus looks like an asterisk.

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