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odynolysis alleviating pain

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Simple sentences

After all that, the pain went away.
It's a pain in the neck.
She was never free from pain after that.
She went to school in spite of the pain in her leg.
The pain was terrible.
I think it's unlikely that plants feel pain.
I have a terrible pain.
The pain finally went away.
Tom is having trouble dealing with the pain.
Tom yelled in pain.
This should relieve the pain.
Don't ruin my fun after all the pain that I put myself through.
When I have migraines, aspirin doesn't alleviate the pain for me.
Can't you understand the pain of your parents?
No pain, no gain.
I cannot bear the pain any more.
I have a sharp pain in my chest.
Pleasure is the source of pain.
The doctor released him from his pain.
The doctor gave him some drugs to relieve the pain.
The pain in my stomach has gone.
Do you feel any pain in your stomach?
His face is distorted by pain.
By and large, women can bear pain better than men.
I've got a pain in my side.
Do you feel pain in any other part of your body?
Please rid me of this pain.
The medicine decreased his pain.

Movie subtitles

You all right, have any pain?
I was able to understand my mother's pain more clearly.
And then, I was able to see other people's pain too.
The Shaman said, even though you feel like you can't handle the pain of parting ways, but that you'll live on that strength.
I by leaving something behind, I thought that would only bring you pain.
I will bring Arang to get rid of my pain and suffering.
We're going to give you something for the pain.
I'm pausing the primary survey till the patient gets something for the pain.
A lifetime of pain and disfigurement?
Okay, 1 milligram of ketamine for the pain.
You're gonna feel some pain, followed by a pop, all right?
Which is such a pain, 'cause it feels so great just to leave it in there.
You've been controlling, bossy, and honestly, a pain in my neck.
So? Any back pain?
I know. It's just. I cause people pain.
Mary, we all cause people pain.
It's strange. I'd forgotten what pain like this felt like.
So even the pain I felt, that was an illusion.
The pain will go away if you eat.
The driving force of this poor life was greed for fame and the fountain from which it was nourished was pain.
Not mentally, a physical pain.
Seeing the pain caused by Death, the young couple escapes to the skies.
And every one of them will give you a good, stiff pain in the neck.
Pain's gone already?
What's got a big, black moustache, smokes a big, black cigar, and he's a big pain in the neck?
Has a big, black moustache, smokes a big, black cigar and is a big pain.
That is influential people from the whole world. who understands the pain my heart has.
I thought that would only bring you pain. Like an idiot. That's why I pushed your feelings aside and pretended like I didn't know.
Oh. Which is such a pain, 'cause it feels so great just to leave it in there.
Mother was in pain!
If you'd ever seen a baby born without recourse to pain relief you'd be a bit more aware of the difference it can make, and you'd have stopped at nothing to get it there.
Vocations which in one way or another are concerned with taking pain away.
It's just. I cause people pain.
I have such a terrible pain in my foot.
But I've got such an awful pain.
How is the pain now?

News and current affairs

We cannot postpone the pain of adjustment forever by printing money.
The pain that Europe, especially its poor and young, is suffering is unnecessary.
There is no point in belaboring whose pain is greater or whose root cause is deeper.
But coalitions do not hold together forever, and the pain of sanctions often cuts both ways, affecting buyers as well as sellers.
The authentic voices of the South know how to cry out in pain.
If buying time is not enough, will there finally be a greater call on bondholders to share the pain?
Interestingly, research on the rationales of people who have legally hastened their death under the Oregon Death with Dignity Act reveals that the fear of pain and other distressing symptoms was not a major concern in most cases.
That is good news, because there is a pretty strong chance that we are going to see major price declines in a number of cities around the globe in the next few years, and these price declines will cause real pain to many homeowners.
No Pain, No Gain for Britain?
In the absence of a compelling counter-narrative, we may be fated to find out just how much pain the victims can withstand.
This anxiety is reinforced by the general lack of funds among large groups of people who had nothing to do with creating today's crisis but are bearing the pain of it.
As a result, the goal of a facial slap is not to inflict physical pain, but to induce surprise and humiliation.
Another argument in favor of relaxed laws on cannabis are its supposed beneficial effects on pain.
If cannabis is a pain-killer, then it must have a huge impact on the physical brain.
Get tough with China, both stressed in the presidential debates, and the pain will ease.
On several occasions in the post-WWII period, the US has learned with great pain that there are limits to the effective use of military power.
Few countries in recent years have been spared the pain of their domestic political spectacles being broadcast around the world.
It seems only a matter of time before Indonesians start feeling the pain of this inconsistency.
First, there is no gain without pain.
Only those who understand the pain of the partition of British India in 1947 will appreciate the powerful symbolism of a child of Hindu parents being welcomed back warmly to Muslim Pakistan.
But when even a lone elephant does a war dance, the grass still feels the pain.
Still, even if other world leaders conclude that they cannot support numerical targets, they must recognize the pain that the US is suffering in the name of free trade.
But, whatever the pain felt in the deregulated Anglo-Saxon-style economies, none of this must inevitably cause a global calamity.
So, the argument goes, a courageous Tory government that cuts spending today spares citizens that future pain.
And it can happen to any country, although advanced countries can usually tighten fiscal policy with sufficient speed and credibility that the pain comes mainly in slower growth.

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