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chladit Czech

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How do I translate chladit from Czech into English?

chladit Czech » English

refrigerate anneal cool chill

Synonyms chladit synonyms

What other words in Czech have the same or similar meaning as chladit?

chladit Czech » Czech

vychladit ochladit ochlazovat mrazit

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How do you conjugate chladit in Czech?

chladit · verb

Examples chladit examples

How do I use chladit in a sentence?

Movie subtitles

Dal jsem ho chladit.
I put some in the icebox.
Kdy jsi ho dal chladit?
When did you put it there?
Nepotřebuje si ji chladit.
No heart to burn.
Pokud je to Winoki, zeptejte se ho, jestli dal pivo zpátky chladit, jo?
If that's Winoki, ask him if he put my beer back on ice, huh?
Ty sama jsi tak panovačná, že by měli chladit.
You're so bossy you ought to be milked before you come home at night!
Dej chladit 18 piv, počkej a uvidíš.
Put 18 cans of beer on ice and wait and see.
Je to jen místo, kde se chladit pivo.
Just the place to chill our beer. -No, don't go in there.
Dám ho chladit.
I'll put it on ice.
Dal jsi chladit pivo?
You sank the beer, yeah?
Ale aby tento proces fungoval, protože těla běží na opravdu vysoké teplotě, musíme je pořád chladit, a kontrolovat mozek pomocí steroidů.
But to make the process work, the bodies ran at dangerously high temperatures, needed to be constantly cooled, the brain sedated. controlled.
V létě bude chladit.
She's gonna keep us cool in the summer.
Marge, se chladit troubou?
Marge, can you set the oven to cold?
Dám chladit nějaké pivko.
I'll go put some beer in a bucket. - OK.

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